Nouveau Roland EGX-350 Desktop Engraver

Delivers Exceptional Quality, Speed and Ease of Use

Today, Roland DG Benelux introduces the new EGX-350 desktop engraver: a complete and compact professional engraving solution, including new Roland EngraveStudio software.

The EGX-350 quickly engraves a wide variety of materials to create beautiful indoor and outdoor custom signs, treasured mementos and personalized gifts, awards, promotional items and apparel. For increased productivity and fast turn-around of finished items, the EGX-350 is 50 percent faster than Roland′s previous model. Upgrades include a more powerful spindle motor and an increased maximum spindle speed of 20,000 rpm. The EGX-350 is designed for the highest quality engraving and has been enhanced with a new V-Carving mode that produces an attractive hand-carved look. To further ensure easy operation and quality results, the EGX-350 also includes an electronic sensor which accurately detects the thickness of the material (Z-zero) for stable engraving depth throughout the production process.*1

"The EGX-350 is remarkably easy to use and highly versatile for both traditional engraving and specialty applications," said Toshihide Yahiro, Roland DG 3D product manager. "The EGX-350 is also equipped with advanced features such as an electronic sensor, allowing users to quickly and easily produce quality products without complicated setup procedures. With the EGX-350, users can even design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto apparel items."

EGX-350 Desktop Engraver Features:

  • High-quality engraving device for sharp, crisp text and graphics
  • Designed for high productivity - 50 percent faster than the previous model
    • New 50W spindle motor is upgraded with 67 percent more power
    • Increased maximum spindle speed of 20,000 rpm
  • Supports a wide variety of materials including plastics, acrylic, aluminium, brass and wood
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor signs and personalized gifts, awards, promotional items and apparel
  • Electronic sensor ensures quality results by automatically detecting the thickness of the material (Z-zero) for stable engraving depth*1
  • Separate control panel gives freedom of movement when operating the machine
  • Rich Roland EngraveStudio™ design software included
  • USB port for easy setup and operation
  • Highly durable brushless DC motor ensures long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance
  • Work table is easy to setup or to replace

Easy to Use: Advanced Roland EngraveStudio Software Included

Roland EngraveStudio offers a wide variety of features that make it easy to add and edit graphics and texts as well as combine varying engraving depths for a truly hand-carved look. To save time and materials, EngraveStudio allows users to preview designs on screen through an engraving simulation function that presents both the tool path and anticipated results prior to engraving. EngraveStudio supports Adobe Illustrator*2 (ai and eps) and CorelDraw (eps)*3 data, allowing customers to utilize their design software and data libraries.

Roland DG Corporation

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*1 Automatic surface detector works with Dr. Engrave software (included) and does not support all shapes or designs.

*2 Before importing Adobe Illustrator data into Roland EngraveStudio, Roland recommends converting vector geometry and text to curves. For best results, switch off all patterns and/or colour fills and save files in eps format.

*3 Supports ai (version 8.0) and eps (version 3.0) file formats.