Roland DG Benelux, Introduces New MODELA PRO II Benchtop Milling Machine
Roland DG Benelux, announces the addition to their product range of the new MODELA PROII MDX-540. The MDX-540 will be distributed from our headquarter in Belgium through our dealer network in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.
This machine is ideal for Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) and industrial design including the production of simple molds and parts for in-house use. The MODELA PRO II can be purchased with an optional automatic tool changer, rotary axis unit and T-slot table which together will support a wide range of milling applications. Every MODELA PRO II comes with an easy-to-use Roland SRP Player CAM software, and a convenient, easy-to-navigate operation panel.
"MODELA PRO II and SRP Player show how it can be used friendly; simply position the material on the MODELA PRO II, set the origin point, choose the material, shape and cutting quality, and attach the appropriate tool as indicated by the SRP Player software. MODELA PRO II does the rest for dependable results. As an added benefit, MODELA PRO II features an optional safety cover which keeps your work area clean. "


MODELA PRO II Milling Machine Features:
  • Large cutting area up to 500mm(X) x 400mm(Y) x 155mm(Z)
  • Produces smooth, precision, high-quality surfaces in all modes
  • Choose from high-torque settings or high-spindle speeds ranging from 400 to 12,000 rpm
  • Optional automatic tool changer (ATC) stores up to four tools for unattended milling
  • Optional rotary axis unit allows milling of multi-surface or cylindrical materials
  • Includes Roland's easy-to-use SRP Player CAM software
  • Easy-to-navigate operation panel and on-screen panel with easily used setup and production process
  • Supports a wide variety of materials from light metals (not with rotary axis unit), chemical woods and resin to ABS including aluminum, brass and copper
  • Low initial investment and material costs
  • Available in two models:
    • MDX-540 - a standard model including a high quality spindle unit ZS-540TY
    • MDX-540A - an advanced model including the automatic tool changer (ATC) ZAT-540
Includes New Roland SRP Player CAM Software
Until now, precision milling has required the advanced skills of experienced professionals. With the introduction of MODELA PRO II and Roland SRP Player, even novices can achieve professional results. Simply program MODELA PRO II with a few required settings and the accompanying SRP player does the rest, determining the choice of tools and other details integral to the milling process. In addition, the SRP Player imports DXF, IGES, STL and Rhino 3D files, generates precision tool paths, and outputs the data much faster than conventional CAM software. To maximize material usage, it also allows end users to confirm a finished shape on screen. Roland's SRP Player is compatible with Windows® 2000/XP.
MODELA PRO II has been optimized for speed and precision as well as the easy use of it. Its convenient operation panel and on-screen panel work together to guide users through the production process. The operation panel allows users to quickly set an origin point and change spindle speed and feed rate without interrupting the milling process.